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Fire Suppression for Preppers

home fire

Every year about this time, it seems like we start reading about the tragic fire deaths – more than 4,000 a year die in fires in the USA and about a third are home fires – most of which happen needlessly.

A disproportionate number happen because when the weather gets cold and people start bringing highly flammable Christmas trees inside, it’s just accidents waiting to happen. Not that preppers are at any more at risk than any other group, but even among our ranks we notice that “creature comforts” seem to rule in modern housing design. We overlook the reason that a barn or outbuilding was always a hundred feet (or more) from the main dwelling was so that a fire in one building would not automatically set all of the owner’s property ablaze.

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Our New EBook: 11 Steps to Living a Strategic Life

Things have been kind of quiet here at Strategic Living as we both have been working overtime to put the final touches on our new e-book, “11 Steps to Living a Strategic Life: A Guide to 2012 and Beyond.

As you may recall, we worked on this during our writing festival at Gaye’s place in July. Seriously though, our book is available for $2.99 starting today on our websites and also at Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

Hope you enjoy it!

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The Quest for an Ideal Retirement Location

As we move into the final days of summer 2012, George and Elaine have completed another one of those “Bucket List” items on their personal agendas: Flying an old airplane across the USA. Along the way, they made some interesting observations about America – what we are and where we’re going. So this week, some thought-provoking observations as George went looking for the “Wright” stuff.

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The FEMA Faceoff: Truth as an Urban Legend

The article you are about to read was originally posted on Gaye’s Backdoor Survival site and George’s Peoplenomics site. This is something that the two of us have been working on for a number of months – since early May to be exact.

We both harbor a great deal of concern over what we see happening in our country but in fairness to the PRB, wanted to come to terms with real facts. Our goal was to uncover the truth and debunk what we thought were internet myth’s about FEMA and FEMA activities.

Now we are not so sure.

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Coming to Terms with Attacks on Liberty and Democracy

The news of the day in the modern world is filled with stories of civil unrest. This is happening in the streets of Seattle, the ghettos of New York, and the back roads of middle America. Where ever you look, the little guys are turning out in droves in an attempt to show their disgust and contempt with the power elites and sneaky elected officials.

But how do you feel? Read our view on Liberty and Democracy and see if you too are in a state of confusion.

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Survival Basics: Water

When we first started Strategic Living, we had planned to publish articles about life, about prepping and about the skills you need to survive under a myriad of questionable global circumstances. More succinctly, we felt a shift in the air and wanted to get out there on the leading edge of enlightenment so that we could be ready for a future quite different from what we had become accustomed.

Both G’s, George and Gaye, feel that we have strayed someone from that original mission and have stepped back to re-evaluate, re-group, and re-launch. Starting the 15th, we will be putting out heads together and figuring it all out. When we say putting our heads together, we mean in real-time with George and Elaine visiting Gaye and Shelly on San Juan Island is Washington State. So barring SHTF or TEOTWAWKI in the next two weeks, expect new things from Strategic Living right around the end of Summer.

Back to the Basics

While George covers news and the economy (with wit and humor we might add) over at Urban Survival, Gaye is busy at Backdoor Survival focusing on prepping the basics such as food, water shelter and fire. Today she shares with the essentials of water for survival.

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The Art of Caching and Retreat

Both G’s get a lot of email from people who seem to understand that one of the downsides to prepping is that you can become a target for all kinds of problems if – or when – times get bad. Recently, George wrote a column based on some reader comments which were very much on point. We thought it would be worth your time to review.

Today George shares his thoughts on caching your stuff – and avoiding becoming a target.

The Art of Caching and Retreat
Readers frequently ask – in these periods of “calm before the storm” things like “Where should I hide my food, money, or medicines in order to ensure that I will not be “caught out” (to use a sailing term) should the winds of change suddenly blow up?”

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The Big Boomer Squeeze

Today I want to talk about the “Boomer Generation” and what I like to call the the big squeeze. If you were born between during the demographic birth boom between 1946 and 1964 you are part of it. So how are you feeling these days? Feeling a bit squeezed?

If you talk to your parents, they will readily admit that during their working years, they contributed about $2,000 in total to the social security system. Now, in their golden years, they get a nice little Social Security check from the government and low cost health care through the Medicare program. Most people our parent’s age retired somewhere between the ages of 60 and 65 and, if they were lucky, also have a nice little pension check coming in.

We – the Boomer Generation – did well by our elders. The contributions we made to Social Security and Medicare during our working years has provided for a decent life for many of the older folks in our country. No, they are not rolling in riches and for many, their government check barely covers expenses. But still, the entitlements are there and in one form or another, they have been able to count on them month in and month out. We should fell good about this.

But what about us? boomer’soomers I know are still working and see no retirement on the horizon. Ever. Let me say that again: No Retirement Ever.

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Taming the Cost of College

On George’s UrbanSurvival site recently, there has been a very good discussion on how to avoid some of the traps of the Higher Education Game. Game because it is one: School programs costs seem to miraculously match the federal loan and grant programs available. And that’s set George off on a rant of some proportion:

This week we may be staying a bit closer to our economic roots with a discussion of the whole “Boomerang Kids” situation (impoverished loan-burdened kids having to move back in with mom and pop because the “drank the Kool-Aid on “get a lot of education and there’s sure to be a job.” Thousands are finding that’s either not true, or if there isa job, it involves standing by a grill flipping burgers.

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