Our New EBook: 11 Steps to Living a Strategic Life

survivalwoman 3D Cropped 200px Our New EBook: 11 Steps to Living a Strategic Life Things have been kind of quiet here at Strategic Living as we both have been working overtime to put the final touches on our new e-book, “11 Steps to Living a Strategic Life: A Guide to 2012 and Beyond.

As you may recall, we worked on this during our writing festival at Gaye’s place in July.  Seriously though, our book is available for $2.99 starting today on our websites and also at Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

Hope you enjoy it!7953305808 95eafc2434 o Our New EBook: 11 Steps to Living a Strategic Life

Right:  Gaye and George discussing the latest draft – July 2012, San Juan Island

The Press Release

For those of you that are interested in such things, here is the official press release:

PALESTINE, TX, September 10, 2012 — Two highly ranked economic and personal survival website authors have announced release of a short ($2.99) eBook titled “11-Steps to Living a Strategic Life.” The book outlines the key differences between living in fear versus living as part of an independent-minded overall strategy.

“A lot of people think of “preppers” and they think of the TV show Doomsday Preppers and other media reports which portray extreme examples,” said co-author Gaye Levy. “We wanted to make it clear that “prepping” is not an extremist or anti-establishment decision. Most of it is just good common sense.”

Ms. Levy’s website, www.backdoorsurvival.com, is one of the leading personal and family preparedness sites on the internet. George Ure’s site, www.urbansurvival.com, focuses on long wave economic trends, especially those lasting more than just a presidential term in office, or two.

“People don’t widely appreciate that the world is in an echo-depression of the 1930’s event and it has been driven by many of the same factors,” observed Ure. “When you look at the data, the last depression was caused in large part due to economic displacement caused by the communications revolution (like radio) and the displacement of draft animals by internal combustion engines on and off the farm.”

The two offer complimentary perspectives: Ms. Levy is a former technology company owner while Ure’s background includes broadcast news, higher education, as well as airline and software company management.

“This book doesn’t pedal fear,” said Levy. “What we do is simply lay out a business-like and logical method of strategic thinking which can address a wide range of possible future threats.”

Ure, whose book “Broken Web: The Coming Collapse of the Internet” will be released later this month agrees: “Economic collapse, pandemic, terrorism on homeland soil…are all legitimate concerns. But what we’re trying to provide is the framework for a reasonable personal response which includes planning and a good bit of self-education.”

The goal, the two agree, is to set your life up to win…regardless of what happens in the future. The eBook is available for purchase at Amazon.com, Barnes and Noble, and also directly from the author’s web sites at www.backdoorsurvival.com and www.urbansurvival.com.

Summing it All Up

The title, 11 Steps to Living a Strategic Life, pretty much says it all. Call it a bit of real life motivation to survive and endure or call it a bit of instant motivation.  In either case, I hope you enjoy it.survivalwoman 3D Cropped 200px Our New EBook: 11 Steps to Living a Strategic Life

You may purchase a copy for $2.99 by clicking the graphic above and also, if you prefer, on Amazon (for Kindle) and Barnes and Noble (for Nook, Sony and other epub readers).

Hang on and enjoy the ride,

The Two G’s – George & Gaye

Spotlight Items: Getting the goods you need to in place to be comfortable during a major disaster when the grid is down can be daunting when you are just getting started. Always, start with food then branch out from their.  Here is a list of some gear to help you along the way.

Ambient Weather Emergency Solar Hand Crank Radio: This is becoming a popular choice with our readers. This unit is a Digital AM/FM NOAA Weather Alert Radio and a powerful 3 LED flashlight, with smart charger, all in one portable package.

AA and AAA Solar Battery Charger Our New EBook: 11 Steps to Living a Strategic Life: Another popular item. This unit will charge up to 2 pairs of AA or 1 pair of AAA batteries via USB or solar power.

EcoZoom Versa Rocket Stove: Burning twigs and pinecones, this stove will cook a big pot of rice in under 20 minutes. The stove is solidly built and will burn charcoal as well. There is also a version that only burns biomass for slightly less money. Our New EBook: 11 Steps to Living a Strategic Life Our New EBook: 11 Steps to Living a Strategic Life

Coleman Rugged Battery Powered Lantern: This sturdy Coleman has a runtime of up to 28 hours on the low setting and 18 hours on the high setting but does require D cell batteries.

Dorcy LED Wireless Motion Sensor Flood Lite Our New EBook: 11 Steps to Living a Strategic Life: Don’t let the $20 price lead you to think this wireless flood light is wimpy. Gaye has two of these (so far) and feels that these lights are worth double the price.

Chemical Lighting aka Light Sticks Our New EBook: 11 Steps to Living a Strategic Life: These are inexpensive, portable and easy to use. These come in a number of colors so take your pick.

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