The Cast of Characters

Introducing Our Cast of Characters

George and Gaye started out as friends in the early 70’s.  We both grew up in the South End of Seattle and went to neighboring high schools.  Both of us were geeks before it became fashionable but I hope you will not hold that against us.

We met at a media event for the Seattle Federal Executive Board.  George, a budding journalist and newscaster, and Gaye, a very green college grad getting her feet wet and ears chopped working for the PTB.  Oh my.  How times have changed.

We both have a supporting cast that allows us to do our jobs and to maintain our sanity – so it is important that you get to know them too.

Gaye Levy:  Gaye, also known as SurvivalWoman, spent many years as an executive in the software industry. Later she started a specialized accounting practice offering contract CFO work to emerging high tech and service industries. She has now abandoned city life and has moved to a serenely beautiful rural area on an island in NW Washington State. She lives and teaches the principles of a sustainable, self-reliant and stylish lifestyle through emergency preparation and disaster planning through her website at She speaks her mind and delivers her message with optimism and grace, regardless of mayhem swirling around us.

Her motto?  Enjoy your next adventure through common sense and thoughtful preparation!

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And her supporting cast, husband Shelly and Tucker the Dog.

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George Ure:  George, who writes Urban Survival and Peoplenomics, spent the first 21-years of his working life as news director of KOL & KMPS in Seattle, Washington.  Since then, he’s served in a number of companies in sales, marketing, and strategic planning capacities as well as being a vocational school director.  Since moving to East Texas in early 2003, George and wife Elaine have enjoyed doing serious homesteading work including raising goats, gardening, and pursuing hobbies like ham radio and flying.  Son of a Seattle fire fighter, George  pictures himself as a kind of Renaissance  Man, about equally comfortable driving a tractor, offshore sailboat (he lived aboard for 10+ years) or piloting his old (classic?) Beechcraft.

While often profiting from bear markets (and the move  to precious metals) George is incredibly optimistic and is a staunch believer in the American Dream and Constitution, current interruptions in which he finds regrettable.

His motto?  Everything Is a Business Model and that means everything is process-driven and if you can figure out the process, you, too, can drive.

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Watching his back are wife Elaine and retired SF/Ranger brother-in-law Panama Bates who lives on the property, along with Zeus the Cat and Pusscilla.

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