Coming to Terms with Attacks on Liberty and Democracy

7491536084 f88f5a5b64 o Coming to Terms with Attacks on Liberty and DemocracySince the 70s, when we both were young and optimistic and lacked the cynicism we carry with us today, we would sit around Gaye’s apartment overlooking the Kent valley (near Seattle), stare out at Mount Rainier, and re-invent the world on the back of a napkin.  With altruistic thoughts of a better world, we lacked much concern about the basic right we had to liberty and democracy.  Instead we dreamed of eliminating poverty, living in global peace, and of course providing equality for all in the workplace.

Looking back, it was naïve to think that we almost had at it all.  But we were in our 20s and had our whole life ahead of us.  But WTF?  Something happened along the way to turning gray.  Now, with both us in our 60s – yep, now you know – we are faced with a degree of uncertainty about our future as a country and as a world.  We both deal with these uncertainties in our own way; George at his Urban Survival and Peoplenomics sites, and Gaye at her Backdoor Survival site.

These days we don’t have that fabulous view of the mountain nor do we have our youth.  The optimism the Two Gs share is still there, but it takes a more basic form in terms of having the optimism that we can survive even in a SHTF situation.7713578646 5c6d3de5f9 o Coming to Terms with Attacks on Liberty and Democracy

But how do you feel?  In today’s article, Gaye shares her view on Liberty, Democracy and the state of confusion.

Liberty, Democracy and the State of Confusion

The news of the day in the modern world is filled with stories of civil unrest. This is happening in the streets of Seattle, the ghettos of New York, and the back roads of middle America. Where ever you look, the little guys are turning out in droves in an attempt to show their disgust and contempt with the power elites and sneaky elected officials.

Now don’t get me wrong. I abhor violence and I oppose the destruction of public property. I also disagree with the mass disruption of public transportation and other systems and services that we, as taxpayers, have paid for with annual IRS tithe. But regardless of these personal feelings, a tiny piece of me is rooting for those that are brave enough and courageous enough to get our there and fight for the rights of the rest of us.

So all of this got me thinking. What is it that we really want? And why is a fight so necessary? I think it all boils down to this: Liberty.7029780185 b0c2cd599d n Coming to Terms with Attacks on Liberty and Democracy

We want to take back our liberty and to restore democracy within our government. And thus comes the confusion.

But first let us start with some definitions. According to Merriam-Webster:

Liberty is the quality of state of being free including:

  • The power to do as one pleases
  • Freedom from physical restraint
  • Freedom from arbitrary or despotic control
  • The positive enjoyment of various social, political, or economic rights and privileges
  • The power of choice

Now all of that sounds like good stuff – the very stuff that our founding fathers represented to the people in 1776. Liberty as I see it is right to govern oneself in accordance with our own free will and with full responsibility for our actions. So, other than the requirement to pay taxes and abide by the laws, liberty means no one – and more specifically, no government – can force us to do anything beyond that. More on that later.

Let us move on to the definition of Democracy. Again we go to Merriam-Webster:

Democracy is a government by the people, especially the rule of the majority. A government in which the supreme power is vested in the people and exercised by them directly or indirectly through a system of representation usually involving periodically held free elections.

Okay. That says that in a democracy, all people have an equal say in the decisions that affect their lives. It further says that the representatives of the people serve to insure that our needs, our wishes and our mandates are translated in to law.

And here is where it gets wonky. The last time I checked, my understanding of the current rules of democracy say that any person or entity with enough money to purchase representation will prevail in determining the rules, the laws and the moral attitudes of our government.

But let’s continue to move on; there is another definition to be made: Socialism.

Socialism is an economic and political theory advocating the collective or governmental ownership of the production and distribution of goods. Furthermore, there is no private property and everything is owned and controlled by the state.

This is saying, in my own words, that socialism means that the wealth of a society is government owned, government controlled, and everyone else in this society will be hunky dory because the government will give them everything they need. Because after all, individual rights and needs cannot be more important than the needs of the collective “everyone”.

Change the words a bit and substitute “elites” for “government” and “working stiffs” for “individuals” and you will see why things are not looking so rosy. As a matter of fact, this comes close to some other nasty political “isms” out there that are none to pleasant such as Marxism, Stalinism, and Communism.

Getting back to the civil unrest that is running rampant in our communities: Who is to blame our youth for rebelling against a bleak and uncertain socio-economic future? Who is to blame the unemployed and underemployed from crying foul to corporations, that, with our government’s blessing, are moving high-paying manufacturing and service jobs overseas? And who is to blame the rest of us, perhaps too old or too chicken to fight, to rally them on with a silent blessing?

I ask myself if I feel free and whether I feel empowered by liberty. I also ask whether we – the middle class – have unintentionally sold out to our government and elected officials. Have we given up our freedom and our liberty in the name of misguided safety? I am saddened to realize that that the answers to these questions is not a truth that I want to face and that I fear for the next generation and the generation after that.

We currently live in a world of airport pat downs, forced healthcare, mandatory vaccinations, and the unauthorized surveillance of our whereabouts and our communications. I wish I knew how we got to this place and even more, I wish I knew what to do about it.

So – trite as it may sound –when asked I will tell you that I live in the State of Confusion and that is not a very pleasant or comfortable place to be.

Should feel happy, should feel glad.
I’m alive and it can’t be bad,
But back on planet Earth they shatter the illusion,
The world’s going ’round in a state of confusion.
. . . The Kinks, 1983

Hang on and enjoy the ride,

The Two G’s – George & Gaye

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Coming to Terms with Attacks on Liberty and Democracy — 4 Comments

  1. “FEMA underwent organizational changes after Hurricane Katrina, after Congress passed the Post-Katrina Emergency Management Reform Act of 2006 (PKEMRA). Among the changes, the FEMA Administrator reports directly to the Secretary within the Department of Homeland Security and directly advises the President of the United States on matters of Emergency Management. More information to include an overview of the PKEMRA and other organizational changes is available at”

    You can find what that link pointed to here:,mod=11&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8

    Or here

    Took me about 7 seconds of googling to find it.

  2. So many thoughts and my tongue is confused, can’t keep up.
    false flag events to justify more draconian measures. Agenda 21. A spineless, spoiled congress who lets our elected/appointed officials do whatever. and corporations greasing the palms and dictating policy. . the fluoridation of our water supply, it’s poison and doesn’t work that way. Blatant abuse of presidential powers, Zero accountability.
    demonising our traditions, bill of rights, and
    constitution. and, of you are a Christian of any
    denomination, store/grow food, believe in our rights,
    you are labeled a “T” 30,000 surveillance drones.
    open borders and no enforcement on criminals, but
    if you collect rain water, there ya go, you’re a “t” and next will be the air we breath is not ours either. so, the individual mandate is a Tax, that is how they justify getting away with it. first they said no no no, it’s not a tax, now it’s a tax and if you don’t buy what they want you to buy, they will sick the taxinators on ya, then maybe put you in a local or foreign jail, and just maybe, you might be heard from again, ….
    maybe not, depending where they send ya. so, say
    someone really likes a specific car, or that maybe
    we consume too much electricity, what will they do
    to us then. With the majority of the population being
    complacent, and brainwashed, they will be changed
    into tattle tails, oh they already are. govt. website asked for volunteers. now someone put out and article saying that bottled water is bad for your teeth? I ain’t that stupid. Enough of this, I need to go breath

    into tattle tails, snitching on anyone for whatever is
    being demonized at the time(oh wait, they already
    are, govt. website askes for volunteers to turn
    people in. Calculate 30,000 into 50 states, and
    weaponise them, no need for door to door, to

  3. I couldn’t agree more – I don’t know what to do either. Most of the prepping and other coniderations I can handle. What the bad guys are going to do is another matter. I’m including my TSA interrogators and other so called officials in this category. How do we communicate that we are no longer going to tolerate this unconstitutional treatment, so they will hear it loud and clear? Liberty and personal freedom is the answer.

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