Our New EBook: 11 Steps to Living a Strategic Life

Things have been kind of quiet here at Strategic Living as we both have been working overtime to put the final touches on our new e-book, “11 Steps to Living a Strategic Life: A Guide to 2012 and Beyond.

As you may recall, we worked on this during our writing festival at Gaye’s place in July. Seriously though, our book is available for $2.99 starting today on our websites and also at Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

Hope you enjoy it!

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The Quest for an Ideal Retirement Location

As we move into the final days of summer 2012, George and Elaine have completed another one of those “Bucket List” items on their personal agendas: Flying an old airplane across the USA. Along the way, they made some interesting observations about America – what we are and where we’re going. So this week, some thought-provoking observations as George went looking for the “Wright” stuff.

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