Welcome to Strategic Living and lifestyle choices for the rest of us.

A message from George:

Yo! Stuff’s on fire!  And that’s what Strategic Living is all about.

The Shift we call it around here is coming into view.  In the next 10-years nothing you do today will likely be the same.  May be good, but may not be.  How it comes along, how far you get ‘shifted’ (or ‘shift on’ lol) will depend on how broad your vision and how keenly you’ve sensed what comes our way from later today, later this week, next month, and next year.  But one thing’s a safe bet:  Stuff’s on fire.

Strategic-Living is a high ground view.  Our methodology is simple:  First we assess current changes and trends in the works.  Lots of good sites for that and recommended readings including Clif High’s “Shape of Things to Come” reports, Gerald Celente’s work, and my own efforts at Peoplenomics.

Collecting information, anticipating the future, is only the first step.  Once you see a threat in the future, step #2 is to define a strategy:  Do you flee the city, shelter in place, retire as an ex-pat to the Colombian Andes, or take to the high seas?  Any can work, most have merit.

But then comes the art of specific tactics.  Which city?  What kind of shelter?  What’s the ‘dual-use mode? Where is retirement affordable?  And what’s it like to live as an ex-pat somewhere else?  We have sources in lots of places; each offers excellent insights.

Last comes action, for without action and what my colleague and I have called the “M.S.H. Philosophy” since the early 1970’s, the finest inputs, wisest strategy, and keenest tactics mean nothing.

Reasoning  is mostly current thinking.  The Shift is largely a contexting of current events.  Prepping and Survival is rubber meets the road, earthquakes meet  the city, and energy runs out.  Your stomach isn’t going to care why it’s all gone bad; it just wants calories to support you through it all.  Then there’s the Homestead section: Microgardening, large scale farms, alternative energy…anything and everything about life after.

If we were starting a new magazine prior to the last Depression, we might have tried a name like “Time.”  But now, “Time’s Up” is more like it, and seeing that, we best be getting quite strategic really, really fast.

So have a look around, you’re among friends.  Pass the word around, too.  We’re forming an electric tribe here, and it’s one that plans to survive, come what may.

And it might.

A message from Gaye:

There is a certain feeling we all get from time to time. It is that feeling that something is about to change and change in a big way. We don’t know what and we don’t know why but we can feel it in our bones.

We are at one of those times right now. I feel it and I know you do too. The dynamics of life as we have known it are changing. My base instinct tells me that this change is not necessarily bad and that the end result will be a reawakening of our senses to a more passionate and a more succinct life full of familial and spiritual abundance rather than the material and monetary abundance that has become the norm for these last fifty years.

So how will we cope? And how will we manage this change in a positive and productive fashion while still maintaining our balance in our very real, very troubled world and planet?

Introducing Strategic-Living: a practical and useful online magazine providing inspiration and guidance as we make our way through the maze of changes that are coming our way. In collaboration with my friend and colleague, George Ure, Strategic-Living will offer a synthesis of Urban Survival and Backdoor Survival with much more detailed tips, tools and strategies for creating a vibrant and sustainable lifestyle wherever your path may take you. Think of Urban Survival and Backdoor Survival as your roadmap and Strategic-Living as your detailed guidebook. Here you will find articles and photos, diagrams and how-to’s, and a healthy dose get-out-there and do it with kick-in-the-ass inspiration.

Our blog, Reasoning, will be an important part of Strategic-Living. It is here where you will find our most recent thoughts on matters that are important to all of us and where we will whole-heartedly encourage your participation.

Remember that feeling in our bones? Well the moment is now to do something. Let us do that something together, for the betterment of us all.

Welcome to Strategic-Living!