How to Sell Gold and Old Jewelry without Getting Ripped Off

Gaye’s husband (Survival Hubby) has been a professional in the fine jewelry business for over 50 years. In a past life he also worked for a refinery. So while not professing to be an expert, over the years, many of his tips for dealing with the sale of old gold (jewelry, coins, dental work and such) have rubbed off on Gaye.

Today she offers some sound advice to those of you that may want to raise some cash by selling off your old jewelry, gold and silver items.

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Libretto for the Second Depression

George has been writing about the “Second Depression” on his website at since 1997 when the site was started as the leading “long wave economics” site on the web. Since then, he has invested thousands of hours in research into the key differences between the Great Depression of the 1929-1941 period and the seeming “Second Depression” (SD) underway in slow motion since 2000.

This week a short course in economics – but no hairy math or long-winded explanations are in store. Instead we’ll give you a common-sense overview of where things are now and where they could go over the next year or two, if history is any guide. It’s the essence of living strategically.

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Be Prepared with a Pocket Survival Kit

More than a few of the readers at Backdoor Survival have asked about an efficient, affordable and extremely portable everyday carry kit, often referred to as an EDC. I have been reluctant to respond because everyone’s needs – or perceived needs – are different. But there is one thing most of us have in common and that is the need to have on our person a few essential items that will get us through a myriad of unpredictable circumstances.

With that introduction, I would like to suggest five pieces of gear that should be in every backpack, every purse and every glove box. The list is a simple one and while the sky is the limit when it comes to gear, the entire kit can be put together with quality items for less than $55.

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Are You Safe from Snooping Eyes?

Reports are all over the net, especially at sites near the intersection of “preppers” and “catastrophists” that snooping eyes are everywhere. Need proof? The kinds of stories that can make people paranoid include the recent disclosure that the NSA was building a massive monitoring operation in Utah and more than a few reports suggest that this means government will have the ability to monitor “every email you’ll ever send.” . . . Not with human eyes, of course, with the machine-reading techniques and supercomputers capable of finding keywords, phrases, and even the intent of emails. So fast is the disappearance of privacy that it may become a “once upon a time notion;” outdated in an era of terrorism and by the massive “security industry” it has spawned. Doubt us? A visit to an airport or federal facility of almost any sort confirms a vast transformation in just 11-years. . . This week we are pleased to share an interview with Teresa Leibrick, a Private Investigator in Southern California. Teresa brings over sixteen years of investigative experience to her firm, Pink Investigations and as an expert in undercover operations, shares a unique perspective on security and changing mores in our country. She claims that “No Information Worth Having Is Beyond Her Reach”.

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Working to Death

Time to take on one of the ugliest questions an American worker can ask: “Do I have to work until death?” . . . Sadly, for an increasing number of Americans, the idea of retirement at age 62 to a life rich with adventures and the once-held American dream of “Golden Years” has turned into cardboard, or worse . . . We’ve identified a large number of factors which are in play and a discussion of each helps to put “Working to Death” into perspective.

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How to Make Any Travel a Vacation

One of the hardest questions people ask – especially early on Monday morning as a new work-work begins – is “What am I doing this for? Why am I getting up and going to work?” True, there may be mouths to feed, an education to pay for, the need for a roof and food in the belly, but what else? We find one of the greatest of all motivators is – Play! And it’s here we venture into the realm of vacations.
People – being socially conditioned to be rather imprecise in their use of language – often mix up the concept of “recreation” and “vacation” but the terms are quite different.

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