The Strategic Living Survival Kit

The underlying concept of Strategic Living is staying ahead of problems which means, in essence, planning for all kinds of outcomes, some of which may be bad or unpleasant but which can be turned into “non-events” with proper preparation which includes planning and having necessary supplies at hand when needed.

The two of us have talked at length about “What would be the ultimate survival kit?” It’s a difficult problem, but certainly not unsolvable.  So what we did is start by with outlining the kinds of events that could cause us to say “Damn, wish I had a survival bag about now!”

Some of the scenarios on our list?

• You’ve taken the dog for a walk and while you’re walking a large earthquake occurs and cuts power and water to your city.

• You’ve taken the family “over the river and through the woods” on a trip, you’re coming back late and the car breaks down.

• A tornado or hurricane drops by without an invitation.

• The local sheriff’s office rolls through your neighborhood with bull horns on “You musty evacuate now! A cloud of poison gas from a railroad derailment is coming! Leave everything behind and flee now!”

• You decide to take an off-road motorcycle ride up into the hills and blow out the bike.

• You decide to go fishing and the motor on the boat quits and you’re drifting the wrong way out to sea.

• Or, in George’s case, you’re flying somewhere and the engine quits and you land on a seldom traveled road somewhere in America’s heartland with dim prospects of quick recovery.  Yeesh.

List in hand, we got all our ideas together and tried to figure out OK, what’s the BEST assortment of stuff to plan on in advance? Well, here it is.  Our Strategic Living Kit from Survival Gear Bags.  And while this kit is not complete, it’s a darn fine start. 6219006293 ac66eaed25 The Strategic Living Survival Kit

What would you need to add?  Depends on your location and what kind of life you lead. 4-large bottles of water, a local map, maybe a GPS like the Garmin eTrex The Strategic Living Survival Kit from Amazon which has a good map-base in it. Depending on your food tastes, and if you’ve got kids, or you are in the real outback, some Nature Valley Granola bars (or Gaye’ favorite, Kashi Granola Bars The Strategic Living Survival Kit The Strategic Living Survival Kit) on up to MRE’s – depending on your tastes, allergies (if any) and so forth.

But we figure that with this Strategic Living Survival Kit, plus your own food packs and a roll or two of the ubiquitous TP, you’ll be way more comfortable than strategically ignorant when unexpected things happen. And you never know when that’s going to be.

We’re preppers at heart and by the way, for people who order the kit, we’ll be sending along a PDF file that contains additional items and suggestions for customizing the kit to a wide range of individual settings.  So by all means, be sure to drop us a line when you purchase the kit.

Enough hype.  Wanna see what’s in it?

Here is a clickable PDF with pictures and listing of all of the items in our kit:  The Strategic Living Kit Poop Sheet

So take a peek and stay tuned for more information to help you build the ultimate survival kit.

. . . the Two G’s – George & Gaye