The Shift

“Yo! Stuff’s on Fire!”

Young people look at the over 50’s with a certain amount of disdain…we’ve lost our way. We know it, they know it, we all know it. Everyone is watching to see how it all works out.

Strauss & Howe (“The Fourth Turning”) looked at this as intergenerational change but it’s deeper than that. The planet’s running out of resource. The profit-hungry corporations are cutting mindless corners in search of the same thing that made the very same mess we’re in now. And there is a proliferation of more and more paper abstractions.

The real wealth is in owning your own schedule, and in having the luxury of good food, good company, good health, and as well as basic constitutional and human freedoms.

Indeed, those things keep disappearing.

We need to discuss The Shift.

. . . The Two Gs

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